South Australian Olympic Committee

Themed Event / Gala Dinner


If you’re wanting to impress A-list guests and position your charity event at the top of the Adelaide’s social calendar, you’re going to have to think differently. From the moment guests descended the stairs onto a ballroom floor they knew they were about to experience something different.

As dancers moved among the crowd in luxury costumes, they parted the ballroom floor to receive our VIP’ guests and bring the Queen of the Magic ball (Channel 7’s Edwina Bartholemew) to the stage to welcome our guests to the Magic Ball, the most exclusive event of Rio’s Carnivale. To carry of the theme the guest experience need to be continuous and immersive. By challenging the traditional norms from guest arrival and table placement through to integrating the major auction into our over-arching theme.

While the Premiers Games Appeal is a charity fundraiser, we weren’t going to stop tonights party. Our talent continued to surprise and delight throughout the night bringing to stage live appearances from legendary sporting talent (Bruce Mcaveny) and key note speakers (John Coates) who were among the guests at the ball. From the unique room layout, to Nicki Bombas Bustamento band keeping the momentum as they play. We set out to challenge the traditional format of charity events create an incredible guest experience. “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you got.” We love this quote and it was top of mind when connecting The Magic Ball theme for the 2016 Premier’s Games Appeal Dinner. 

From a raised entry into an open ballroom and the band already playing, through and hidden stage pieces that came and went to bring focus to a moment in the night, this event had an enormous number of layers that were revealed throughout the night. Judging by the feedback, we truly achieved a goal of staging a party that just kept on giving.