Jeep Australia

Brand Activation / Sponsorship


Over the last three summers, Lumino Events has helped Jeep become the No#1 recalled Major partner brand among Big Bash fans across Australia. The Jeep brand has become synonymous with the Adelaide Strikers, building value through an approach of the car brand being part of an experience that cricket fans are already passionate about. Fans have flocked to the Jeep vehicle displays to collect their 4 & 6 cards which they have used feverishly in support of their team and the opportunity to win a Jeep! The exposure of the Jeep brand in its first BBL season produced massive media values and saw dealership traffic across Adelaide jump almost 200% through the December January holiday period. It has entrenched the brand with cricket and the fabulous outdoor lifestyle we enjoy in Adelaide each summer when you’ll be really wishing you had bought a Jeep!