Putting on the Glitz – Gala Dinner

Australian Veterinary Association

Let them celebrate!

The final night of the conference and our client had a very clear mandate – set the scene and make it fun from the moment the doors open until the last dance.

Where we can, we like to approach things a little bit differently and for this dinner we laid a wide red carpet walkway into the room and through the tables to the dance floor.  With the opening of doors, the tunes of 7 piece swing band filled the room and four theatrical hosts greeted guests and swept them into the room and to their tables.

Guests were treated to photo booth with a difference...adding to their all-ready glitzy outfits, our guests were photographed with a 1928 Classic Car.

To ensure the energy never dropped, we mixed up the entertainment with a DJ, live band and fabulous live Fan Dance performance that intrigued and tantalised, followed by a high energy swing dance performance and interactive Charleston lesson that had the dance floor full from start to finish.