Premier’s Games Appeal Dinner – 2015

Flying Down to Rio!
South Australian Olympic Committee

The concept unveiled at the 2015 Premier’s Games Appeal Dinner was part of a two-year strategy to position this prestigious dinner as a must attend event on Adelaide’s social calendar. To command this level of attention and desire to attend, the event had to stand out from the first piece of communication through to the final curtain call.

The event raises funds for South Australian Olympic athletes and with the Rio Olympic Games on the horizon there was a desire to bring on the colour and energy that is Rio…but in the world of theatre, all good performers know they have to keep their powder dry until just the right time…so for this first event in a series of two, we flew our guests down to Rio!

Using over 150m of cyclorama screens and 13 projectors, we transformed the halls of the Adelaide Convention Centre to become in the interior of a DC3 plan from the golden era of flying. Projection mapping across the entire surface allowed our plane to take-off with moving footage of the Adelaide skyline disappearing below. This enormous projection surface change through the night to match the content but always returned to our DC3 interior. 

To complete our theme we introduced not quite right cabin crew, Reggie and Olive, to look after our guests on a memorable journey down to Rio…a raucous safety briefing and hilarious commentary from our cabin crew kept guests entertained the entire flight until we landed and our floor to ceiling screens pulled apart to reveal our dance band!