Little Creatures Pop Up Bar

Lion – Little Creatures
Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Oval, Morphettville Race Course

Our little pop up bar is an absolute ripper!. It looks great and can be set up in just hours supporting tap beer, pack bar and fridge service.

The bar can be fully rebranded in minutes and is quickly and safely installed on level or sloping sites. Built of refrigeration panel, the bar has superior insulation to a container bar and being lighter, can be loaded and with unloaded with small crane or tilt trucks. The decking system is modular and can be built in different configurations to suit any event site.

The pop up bar is a certified class 9 transportable building, ensuring a safe environment for the public and highly functional ergonomic service environment for staff. Shown below at Adelaide Fringe, Gluttony, Adelaide Oval, Morphettville race course.