Connect with your target audience using sponsorship.


Getting the most out of sponsorship activations requires experience and a unique skill set that can identify commercial opportunities, understand brand values and apply it to audience behaviour. Lumino Events has developed a strong niche within the Adelaide market working with both asset owners and brands wanting to enage their target audience through sponsorship. We welcome enquiries from both asset owners and brands wishing to look at sponsorship opportunities accross AFL, Cricket and other major sporting and public events.


Demand attention - create conversation!

Openings & Product Launches

Staging an event that people notice is a great way to get conversation started around your brand or services. But how do you demand attention so that your audience knows something important is happening and they need to pay attention? Key to building the right type of event is knowing who you are talking to and developing a stratgey around the event itself that will connect you to that audience and build conversation around your event. From designing your launch event to getting influencers on board and creating content for social and traditional media, we can create a total campaign to make your event stand out.



Create an experience your customers won’t forget.


As consumers are becoming increasingly immune to traditional advertising, and less trusting and more cynical on being sold the features and benefits of your brand, experiential marketing can provoide memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand to influence purchase decision and brand loyalty. Without doubt, using a public or trade event for experiential marketing is a great strategy to amplify this interactive experience and showcase your product.



Built to stand out from the crowd.

Custom Builds

If your wanting your brand to really stand out, a custom build can help provide the ultimate brand or event experience...knowing where to start is another thing! With a national supplier network and years of experience producing events and understanding crowd movements, we can help you design and create the space for your next event or activation.